Granada is a city of enormous artistic, historical and monumental wealth that offers a wide range of cultural activities, festivals and traditions. It has theaters, museums and cultural spaces that place it among the first capitals of Spain.

It has one of the most important ski resorts in Spain (SIERRA NEVADA), only 32 km from the center. And in its streets you can breathe the deepest Andalusian tradition, the cheerful and friendly character of its people, and the art of good living and good food.


Surrounded by the main places of interest, the Hotel Párraga Siete offers an exclusive and ideal place to stay in the city. Our little Hotel is a perfect place to visit Granada.

Puerta Real de España

Of vibrant economic and commercial activity, just 100 meters from our Hotel we find the square where the most important streets of the city converge, such as the Carrera de la Virgen, Calle Recogidas, Mesones and Reyes Católicos, a place located downtown of the city and one of the typical prints of Granada.


Continuing our route from Hotel Párraga and once left behind Puerta Real de España we went to the old Arab market, better known as La Alcaicería. Located in the vicinity of the Cathedral, today’s Alcaicería de Granada is dedicated to souvenir shops and Arab crafts. Remembering and moving the visitor to the streets of the Arab bazaars where haggling the price is part of the tradition.

Paseo de los tristes

Difficult not to marvel at the delicacy of this emblematic place in the city, 10 minutes walk from our Hotel, it is possibly together with the Carrera del Darro, the most magic area of Granada, it offers impressive views of the Alhambra and starts from point where crosses the Chirimías Bridge.

Plaza de Toros

Also it receives the title of Real Maestranza of Cavalry, by tradition to the old bullring of “El Triunfo”, it is located in the centric Avenida del Doctor Olóriz, turning it into an enclave very accessible from any point of Granada.

In May the Corpus Christi fair is held, which brings together the best of the season.

Estación de Sierra Nevada

Known as the southernmost station in Europe and the highest altitude in Spain, the diversity of activities offered is very extensive because in the winter we can enjoy sports such as skiing or snowboarding and in summer we offer a variety of routes. hiking as well as astronomical observation activities.

It has an urbanization called Pradollano, which is the highest urban center in Andalusia and where you can find bars, restaurants, shops and all kinds of services.

From the reception of the Hotel we can help you manage your ski passes.

Barrio Albaycin y Mirador de San Nicolás

Located in the upper part of the city, just a 20 minute walk from Parraga street we find El Albaycín.

It is the old Arab district that includes the zone located between the hill of the Alhambra, the hill of San Cristóbal; the Sacromonte and the Elvira street. The Albaycín constitutes a separate world in Granada.

In the heart of the Albaycin is El Mirador de San Nicolás, it is the most emblematic place in Granada. Romantic corner par excellence, from which a complete panoramic view of the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada, the city and the Vega de Granada is contemplated.

A tip: Do not miss the sunset on the lookout!

Barrio Sacromonte

If you have arrived at Albaicyn following our advice, it is time to continue a little bit higher to meet El Sacromonte de Granada. Have you heard about flamenco shows inside caves? Well, they are in the right place!

Granada is one of the main references of flamenco in Spain and the Sacromonte one of its cradles. This gypsy neighborhood is the epicenter of what experts call the jondura and the duende, it is also the origin of the zambra, a flamenco singing and dancing party that dates back to the sixteenth century.