Restaurante Blu

“Enjoy local cuisine in the heart of Granada”.
The hotel houses a small restaurant called Blu Vitola. An experience for the guest, for its menu headed by local products, a sophisticated, elegant and quiet atmosphere.
A place visited by local people of the city, which makes the traveller mingle in the atmosphere, enjoying an exquisite cuisine or simply enjoying an atmosphere of tapas.
Right in the centre of Granada, enjoying our healthy dishes from the menu after a long day of sightseeing is a great alternative.
In the kamado you can enjoy a great selection of meats, where the Chef makes the flavours burst in your mouth.
“Classic cocktails and creative mixes”.
You will find that ideal atmosphere to enjoy a drink, a classic cocktail or a different proposal, we will always find an option to offer you.
The menu is completed with a wide range of wines, spirits and beers.
Our menus for companies and groups are a perfect option.
Children must be accompanied by an adult. Reserved exclusively for adults after 21.00 hr.
Open every day except Monday and Sunday afternoons.
Opening hours from 12.00hr / 00.00hr


In Vitola we adapt the menus in a personalized way and we try that the decoration of the event is in accordance with the reason for the celebration, making each one unique.